How to Survive a Cross Country Road Trip, Part II: Fitness

How to Survive a Cross Country Road Trip, Part II: Fitness

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While living in Virginia, I had the luxury of doing my weightlifting training in addition to joining the group CrossFit classes.  I trained 5 days a week, sometimes more than 2 hours per day.  Knowing that I was going to be out of my routine and unable to train like I was used to, I feared losing my strength and well…getting soft!! Thankfully my husband is just as motivated to get in his workout, so I knew we would get it in.

Here are some ways we were able to keep fit on the road:

  • Pack the weights!
      • We have some of our own equipment and made room for it in the car.  Barbells, bumper plates, kettle bells, and homemade parallets. When we couldn’t hit the gym, we made up our own workout.
  • Utilize the hotel gym!
      • Many people peek in the hotel gym and think they can’t possibly get a good workout in.  Sure, there may not be Rogue rigs, enough space for DU’s, or heavy weights.  However, there are many resources out there for good travel workouts that you can do in the hotel!  Dumbbells are powerful (and sometimes torturous) tools and typically always at hotels.  Here is a good “Hotel WOD” site with plenty of options.
      • Running on a treadmill can be mindless and boring, however, you can spice it up by doing sprints such as 6×400 with a 1:30-2 minute rest.
      • Do something you don’t normally do!! Sometimes it’s good to change things up and shock your body by doing some curls or bent over rows.
  • Drop in at local gyms
      • During our 16 day road trip, we dropped into 5 different CrossFit gyms (luckily, only 2 charged us!).  This can get tough because you are going off of random programming, so be smart.  If the workout calls for something you just did the day prior, maybe that’s a good day to do your own workout.
      • We didn’t do this, but you could try to get a week pass at a globo gym (24-hour fitness, LA fitness, etc).  Not sure how this works but this could definitely be useful if these are located where you will be traveling!
  • Get outside!
      • Sometimes your body needs a break from the weights.  Enjoy the outdoors and go for a run, hike, sprints, etc.
      • Don’t underestimate the power of bodyweight exercises too – you don’t need equipment for that!
  • Move, Move, Move
      • If you have a trip anything like ours where you are in the car day after day for about 6-8 hours – you feel gross even if you got a workout in that morning.  A few days we decided to do 30 burpees everytime we stopped!! Sucked, but helped us feel a little better and less like a slug.

Here are some of the workouts that we made up when we couldn’t make it into the gym

  1. (At hotel) 

2 Minute warm-up run on treadmill + 5 minutes of stretching

AMRAP 10 Minutes:

10 DB Push Press 35/25 (unbroken if possible)

5 Burpees

1 Mile Cool down run (at about 80% intensity)

  2. (On our own)

EMOM 21 Minutes:

Min 1: 10 Kettlebell Swings 70/53

Min 2: 15/12 Parallet Pushups

Min 3: 10 Goblet Squats 70/53

repeat for 7 rounds

3. (At hotel)

AMRAP 10 Minutes:

Run 200m (treadmill)

30 Air squats

4. (On our own)

AMRAP 15 Minutes:

10 OHS 95/65

30 Lateral Jumps over barbell

200m run

5. (Outside, exploring the town) 

Run 5k


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