Live a Healthy LIFE but Still LIVE

Live a Healthy LIFE but Still LIVE

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One of the most common excuses I hear from people is that they don’t want to change their lifestyle (aka diet) because they want to “live”.  

“I’m eating that ice-cream sundae because I might die tomorrow!!” 

“I could get hit by a bus then I would regret eating chicken and broccoli instead of that pizza.”


The above examples are real life, people.  I have heard it on numerous occasions, usually by the same people….who didn’t die tomorrow….and who didn’t get hit by a bus.  These same people are still unhappy about how they look, feel, and live yet aren’t willing to change.

Believe it or not, I’m sure I – MARIA – have said these exact things or something similar!! However, I figured out some tricks on how to enjoy life while making healthier choices.

Here are some tips on how to live a healthy life, but still “live”:

Find healthier versions of your favorite dishes.  There are plenty of recipes out there on how to make things healthier with a simple google or pinterest search.  You might need to dig around to find one that you like, or maybe even experiment – but I can usually find a good substitute for plenty of my favorites.

In addition to making your own food, you can find replacements right in the grocery store!  If you follow Dynamic Nutrition on instagram @my.dynamicnutrition you will see that I posted an ice-cream brand called Arctic Zero.  This brand as well as one of their competitors, Halo Top, are both lower in sugar and fat and can help you with your cravings but don’t want to kill your diet.  (note: don’t replace the broccoli with ice-cream and eat it on the reg).

Modify recipes.  If a recipe calls for something unhealthy, google alternatives.  For example, if a baked good recipe calls for a stick of butter (or a lot of oil) you could modify it by using applesauce instead!! Or if you want to keep some of that fat in the recipe, try using half and replacing the rest with the applesauce.  Same goes with sugar – I typically try to use less sugar than what my recipe calls for, even if it’s a healthier option such as honey.

One thing to keep in mind here: trial and error.  You may need to experiment a few times to get it just right!

The act of giving. If you are “DYING” (yes I am putting that in quotes, as the quotes will represent over-dramatization) for some cookies and you can’t stop thinking about them and you are going to go insane if you don’t bake them right now this very second…then DO IT.  I’m human – I know we all get the cravings from time to time!  What I DON’T want you to do is EAT ALL OF THE COOKIES…No.  DON’T DO IT.  This is where it’s difficult.  You just make a batch of 20 cookies but are only expected to eat a minimal amount?  

Two options here:

1) take what you need to make yourself happy and freeze the rest.  Try to hide them in the freezer so you don’t mistakenly grab that instead of the ice-pack you were intending to grab.  If you can’t be trusted with this option, try option 2.

2) Bring the remaining treats to the neighbors or to work.  This will help people like you more too. BONUS.

Indulge in one meal.  One per week or once every two weeks I say get after it.  Indulge in what you have been craving and get it out of your system.  Do not treat yourself the entire day – just ONE meal. Although this might not be the healthiest option for your diet, it does serve some benefits for your mental health.

Don’t fall victim to the “Well I already blew it today, so I might as well keep eating junk” fallacy.

  • Just because you fudged up a little during lunch by eating a slice of cheesecake doesn’t mean you should throw your diet out the window that day and “start over again tomorrow”.  Enjoy whatever it is you are enjoying by eating it mindfully – slowly tasting each bite.  This one treat won’t throw you completely off track, but by “giving up” for the rest of the day, it will.

Adjust your day accordingly.  If you are planning on eating out, attending a party, or have no control for what is served at a certain event/meal – adjust your other meals!  

  • This could mean lowering the carbohydrates, fat, or even both for your other meals.  When I go out, I know meals are cooked in a lot of oil, so I go low fat for the day.  
  • At the end of the day, it’s calories in vs calories out.  So if you know you are going to be “indulging” at an event/party, you will need to “make-up” for it earlier in the day (or later, if the event is early).
  • Focus on eating lean protein and vegetables to ensure you get these crucial nutrients (which may be scarce at your function).
  • This way you won’t have to worry as much and be able to enjoy yourself.  However, don’t overdo it by eating so much you make yourself sick!  Your night will NOT be as fun if you have to unbutton your jeans or spend a good amount of time in the bathroom…

Hope these tips help!  If you find that you would benefit from daily nutritional lessons and advice, I have a program for you!  For just $25/month, you will receive daily lessons (sometimes with “homework”) which enforces healthy habits into your life.  This includes feedback from your coach!  All Dynamic Nutrition Plans come with this added feature!  Email if you are interested!

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